Adventures in Mexico pt III

Friday 19th January

Another long driving day ahead of us, we stopped briefly to look at this rather special Nolina nelsonii, plus the surrounding hillside, before making our way southeast to subtopics and our nest stop - Xilitla (Hee-LEET-la)

On the way we saw an increasing number of Sabal mexicana - first one or two, then hundreds, then thousands.  This picture shows some at the beginning.

Again the weather was against us, misty and drizzly, making the going rather slow, and not reaching Xilitla until well after dark.  Our hotel for the night was El Hotel Guzman, with the restaurant just over the road serving totally awesome food whilst the video jukebox churned out very loud music DVDs.  Sopa Azteca was great, frijoles made from black beans were superb and a really tasty salsa roja made using Chile de Puya - smoked, fruity and hot.  We had a quick stroll around town then off to bed.


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