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For the past few years I have been having some adventures in Mexico.  This is primarily to look at plants in habitat - there is absolutely no better way to understand them - but also just to soak up the culture, scenery and, er, food.  Mexico is an unbelievably diverse country in all of these respects and, upon returning after each trip, it isn't long before I start to plan the next (March 2013 as I write...).

Above: hillside covered in Dasylirion quadrangulatum near Dr Arroyo, Mexico

My journeys have taken me through much of central, northeast and southern Mexico, visiting some of the country's nicest cities and small towns, pre-Columbian ruins, gardens (including the legendary Las Pozas) and some of the most dramatic out of the way scenery.  I give illustrated talks of these trips - plant lite to agave rich - so if your group fancies losing themselves for an evening in the wonders of Mexico get in touch.


Here are links to accounts of the trips - lavishly illustrated!  After trip 2 I bought a better camera.  I also have a firmer handle on the plants now, too - so please excuse errors in the earlier travelogues.

November 2004 with Toby Shobbrook (in process of being remastered!)

November 2005 with Nick Macer (in process of being remastered!)

January 2007 with Toby Shobbrook, Neil Armstrong and Phil Young

November 2007 with Phil Young

February/March 2010 with Neil Armstrong 

November 2012 with Neil Armstrong, Mark Fillan and Billy Alexander

November 2014 with Neil Armstrong, Mark Fillan and Phil Young

November 2016 with Neil Armstrong and Phil Young


I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do looking back