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Hi. To have got this far you are either seriously disappointed and clicking frantically on the 'back' icon or are interested, as I am, in exotic gardens.

My name is Paul Spracklin and I am a garden designer with a passion for the exciting effects that can be achieved using sub-tropical style plants.  Whether you fancy growing a tropical rainforest in Richmond or a desert in Dedham, this is the place to start turning those dreams into reality. 

Cacti and succulents in my Essex garden

Take a look through the range of garden design services I offer - there is something to suit all levels of input and pockets.  Also on this site are details of my illustrated talks, accounts of some of my travels and few other bits and bobs. 

To navigate your way around use the links in the header bar.  Clicking onto the text of a heading will take you to that section, use it again when you want to move.  Red text mean that's where you are.


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