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Planting plans

So, you have a copy of your new design.  Or you may already have a design you are pleased with but are unsure as to how to proceed with the planting.  The array of exotic plants is bewildering - what exactly should go where?  Exactly how big will plant X get?  What are the soil requirements of plant Y, and can I plant it next to plant Z?  How can they be combined to give the most impact?

Or maybe you want to theme the planting for a specific type of effect:  Balinese?  Rainforest clearing?  Desert?  Mediterranean? 

Relax.  Get in touch and let me sort it out.

So what do you get?  Whatever you need.  In other words, a completely versatile service tailored to your requirements.  Typically, what plant, where and how many of them but in as broad or detailed brush strokes as you want.


Above: left, part of design for long narrow garden and, right, section of corresponding planting plan

Other services

Detailed drawings of the various hard landscaping features and elements within the garden which you or your landscape contractor can accurately and safely use as a blueprint for their construction.


Above: planting plan and sketch of small front garden corner bed.

Understanding a two dimensional plan of a new design isn’t easy.  I can draw various views of a proposed design to give a much clearer impression of the finished item.

Specifications are, in effect, a list of detailed instructions for landscape contractors to carry out the work, involving detail for earth moving, storing and shaping, ground preparation, depth of and material used for wall footings, planting hole depth, feed applications etc,  

This is the paperwork bundle sent out to a number of local landscape contractors from which they are able to submit accurate price estimates for the work.  Useful if you have no contractors recommended.

Staged visits by myself or my representative to check that the work is being carried out according to specification.  It has been known for contractors to ‘dilute’ the amount or quality  of materials used in order to increase profit.

Once your new garden has been constructed and planted, it is sometimes difficult to know exactly how to get the best from it and keep it looking at its peak as the years go by.  When to feed, prune, water, protect from the elements are all detailed here.

I can source and supply most if not all of the plants you need for your new garden.  Regarded by some as one of the more enjoyable aspects of a new garden, often many people do not have the time for this.

 Please enquire for details.