Adventures in Mexico part VIII

2nd November 2016

We had arranged to meet up at 8:30 next morning but, in the event, were all up and dressed as usual anyway.  Neil and I popped next door to have a cup of hot chocolate, then back into the hotel for breakfast.  Then we headed off to tick another ‘touristy’ box – Hierve del Agua.  A series of mineral rich springs have been trickling over the edge of a cliff in various places for thousands of years forming ‘frozen cascades’.  The top part of the biggest has been dammed and is used as a pool to splash about in.  We wandered around a couple of them at the top, then I wandered down to see the bottom of the biggest.










Out and about in the grounds there were lots of Agave marmorata.  Also, below right, this plant.  It looked like a hybrid of some sort as there were elements of Agave marmorata about it but it is smaller with much smaller teeth and much fuller rosette.  Interesting!





We were back in town quite early so popped into another museum.  Our last night in Oaxaca before heading off around the rest of the state, we decided to eat in a fancy restaurant called ‘Origen’.  I struggled to find anything on the menu I fancied and made such a fuss – I was all for leaving and going back to the buffet again! - that Neil and Phil offered to pay for mine just to shut me up.  I ended up with some spicy potato wedges to start that were nice but ordinary followed by a rib-eye steak that was horrible.  And double the price of most places!

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